Deep Cleaned Carpets

Dave’s Carpet Cleaning makes it easy. Schedule an appointment, let us know what you’d like done, and the rest is up to us. Your carpets will look great and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

With Dave’s, you’re getting a professional clean by carpet experts. Let’s go over some of the benefits to going with Dave’s.

Fruit on plush white carpet.First, we have the right equipment. Our truck mounted machinery gets higher water temps and provides more cleaning power for your home. Our technicians are equipped with the right products for the job, meaning it’s easy for us to clean around and under heavy furniture and provide a deep clean with the best possible extraction. The right equipment means a job well done.

Second, we know carpets. Along with the right equipment, our technicians are certified and trained in everything carpets. We know what products will get you the best clean and best protection.

Our high-temp, truck mounted system then lifts the dirt and our equipment extracts it. This process leaves your carpets cleaner longer. With an application of ScotchGard, your carpets will have more protection from harsh stains, increasing the life and look of the fibers and making it easier to clean in the future.

Tough stains are no problem. Our techs have the know-how and the right tools to get the job done. We do this for carpet, upholstery, and area rugs.

Third, you’re saving time. Instead of dealing with equipment, chemicals, labor, and storing it all, one call or filled form and you’ll have a carpet expert scheduled to visit your home. Not only can you get back to enjoying your space, but our deep clean prevents mold growth. Mold can cause odors, long-lasting damage to the carpet, and potential harm to your and your family’s health. We get your spaces clean as quickly as possible since we know you need them.

Lastly, making an appointment is easy with our friendly staff. We strive to make your customer experience easy and smooth. You can call or book online. We’ll work around your schedule. Have an immediate need? Let us know and we’ll try our best to get you in and the work done. You need to live in your home every day. We work hard to get the work done so you can get back to it.

We’d love to take care of your carpets and other hard and soft surfaces around your home or business. Give us a call or book an appointment online.


Spots stay on Spot and Off Your Carpet!

Look at Spot. See his spots. We love them! What we don’t love, though, is spots on the carpet.

If you have pets, you know you’re going to be cleaning after them, especially when it comes to those pesky pet stains and their odors. Dave’s Carpet Cleaning can pinpoint pet stains, clean them, and offer protection from future re-spotting. We’re so sure of our work, we guarantee a complete clean!

So let Spot be spot and not spot your carpet. Give us a call or book an appointment if you need help!