Area rugs accent your rooms with their beauty. Vibrant or muted colors changes your room’s atmosphere. Details can liven up a room, highlighting its elegance and sense of style. A regal area rug can make your room complete. And yet, unlike art or other accenting piece of your room, an area rug gets traffic. Dirt, mud, dust, and other contaminants collect in a rug’s fibers. They can penetrate deep into the padding. The colors may dull, the fibers will wear, and smells and allergens will begin to occupy your space. This is the last thing you want, and it’s the last thing we want! Dave’s Carpet Cleaning offers comprehensive rug care. Whether it’s a prized heirloom or newly purchased piece, trust Dave’s Carpet Cleaning experts to clean and protect your area rug!

Closeup of a clean area rug.

Rugs function as filters for your home’s air quality. Over time, however, a rug can collect too much dust and allergens, decreasing indoor air quality. A simple vacuuming can do the trick, but the dirt or residue you miss can collect. This requires the need for a professional cleaning. Rugs need special care. You need expertise and professional tools and equipment to get the best clean and retain the carpet’s original beauty. Harsh chemicals can decrease the vibrancy of your rug’s colors or can damage the fibers causing long lasting problems. Residues left over from harsh chemicals can collect even more dirt and grime over time. Dave’s Carpet Cleaning professionals use all natural and tried-and-true methods to take care of your rugs. They give your rugs a gentle yet effective clean.

While cleaning is our priority, our experts also know rugs. They will also inspect and identify problem areas before they get worse.

If you have stains, our experts will treat the spot with special care. While every rug is different and made from different materials, dyes, and fibers, our experts will analyze and figure out the best approach to achieving the best results. Our free no-obligation in-home assessment will determine if we can complete the work or if there’s another route you can take. If we can do it, you’ll know you’re in good hands because of our years of experience and community trust.

Scheduling an appointment for a rug cleaning is easy! Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to help and get your rugs clean and protected the Dave’s Carpet Cleaning way.