Oops! And there goes the carpet.

A stain is frustrating to deal with. It’s an eyesore. It can get worse in appearance or scent over time. That’s because not only the contents of the stain (food, liquid, etc.) become trapped in the carpet fibers but dirt and residue from daily usage continue to accumulate along with the stain. When you have a stain, you want to get rid of it. Some are easy to eliminate while others take specialized equipment, expert knowledge, and specific cleaning solutions to get the job done. Dave’s Carpet Cleaning offers specialty stain removal for your carpet and upholstery.

Ice cream sundae spilling in midair.
Tough Stain Removal

Paint, lipstick, permanent marker, coffee, red wine, and pet stains take special attention to remove. These stains can be tough. If they’ve been left to settle, they can collect dirt and grime and begin to carry an odor. Not only do you want to remove the stain, but you also want to do so in a way that won’t damage the material and hold the odor. Our technicians are carpet cleaning and upholstery experts. We have the right tools and equipment to get the stain out. Along with this, the right knowledge to know which solution to use and what is most effective.

We’re pros at stain fighting. Here’s some examples of the toughest stains that we’ve removed over the years:

  • Stains from food such as chocolate, jelly, ketchup
  • Pet stains, including urine and other       
  • Mud
  • Dirt
  • Tomato juice, punch, soda, Kool-aid
  • Grass
  • Blood
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Permanent marker
  • Lipstick

If you want to help prevent stains, we recommend adding ScotchGard protection. A protectant will create a barrier between the contaminant and your items fibers, giving you additional time to clean up the mess before a stain develops. Protectant extends the life of your item, its look, feel, and wear. This specialty service protects your furniture and prolongs its life.

Our friendly staff is ready to help you. If you have a stain, schedule a free estimate. Once there, our tech will assess and let you know if we can do anything about it. After this assessment, we’ll get to work and take care of it for you. We strive to make everything easier for you!

Fighting a stain can be tough, but Dave’s Carpet Cleaning is tougher.